Secrets for Making your money work for you

Reduce your spending · Understand where your money is going · Identify bad financial habits · Pay off debt · Avoid creating new debt. Always try some secrets for making money for us.

We can know how the money grows. Will be discussing secrets to making money working for you. You will be learning today how to create a better financial future for your family your children and all members.

Money is very important for our life so that we can live our life happily. Japanese method to make money work for you.

How to manage money in your bank In 2008 there was a financial crisis all over the world. The government was printing money to save the economy. Money is losing its shine every day when it is in the bank due to inflation.

Bank managers are using our money to earn more and more from our money. So we are losing money if we are keeping it in the bank.

I started learning about money making with my own money. This I started to make myself peaceful and cool with my money. Just see when we are purchasing a new car its value starts decreasing every day.

Can you tell me e what you are doing currently to make your money work for you? We say that our husband is taking care of our finances. Millionaires are immune in fact they may be at higher risk of not making money in the bank.

1.No sweat investment

Understand trading Vs investment. Stock trading is called trading & you can lose entire money due to your understanding of market ups and downs. I have lost too much & started going away from trading.

Another thing is an investment of your money for a longer period.


To have a broking account. We need the correct mentor. We should use a risk management tool kit for identifying our investment strategy.

Breaking down your goals

A goal is a dream with a deadline. Napolean Hill.

Why we are investing?

Budgeting is must

Invest in yourself

Investment in financial assets

Income other than investment

5 steps for investment

We should get some app

Identify your risk tolerance

Breaking you goals

Pick assets that match your requirements

We need to think always about going positive thinking of our business. This thought process will take you to another level.

We have to keep a very cordial atmosphere in our organization. All team members should be in their best touch.

We need to have a profitable business model. We have to work hard to bring the company to profitability. We should not run the industry for a charitable foundation.

[ ] 5 clarity goals must

[ ] Accountants will be accountants only

[ ] Delegate clear roles

[ ] Review the performance & feedback of all persons in the organization

[ ] Otherwise, you will not be able to do justice where you stand

[ ] Give everyone feedback. Do not abuse or blame or be aggressive with them. People do not open

[ ] Take correct persons whenever it is needed

[ ] Tell people what they need to do to give profitability to the company. It should be the motto of each and every person in an organization.

[ ] Train & develop people. Training is most important for any organization. I have seen people losing an abundance of money due to a lack of training.

When training is poor for a company then that unit cannot get profitable. So a good setup is required to run a big company with the proper training department.

[ ] Salary appraisal min. On yearly basis. Normally mill owners do not give priority to this point. Should understand that without incentives or yearly increments nobody can be in a comfortable frame of mind. Entrepreneurs feel that they have saved something but ultimately they are losing money due to low levels of profit.

[ ] It should be fair not on a relationship basis. Employer and employees relationship cannot get better and results cannot come in that company. End of the day it will be a big loser.

[ ] It should be done data analysis basis

[ ] Right atmosphere in the team is a must

[ ] Fire the wrong people, who are engaging in stealing habits

[ ] People who do not work hard

[ ] Wrong people are worshipped in some organizations

[ ] We have to learn anything where is a gap

[ ] Third responsibility is the strategic approach

 A business owner should not involve in maximum operations

[ ] He becomes a survival model person

[ ] Passion, purpose & goals

[ ] Be real with yourself, do not make a fool

[ ] People working hard but have no money for the family

[ ] Family asking money G relationship is stressed

[ ] Make money in business by covering

[ ] Job sucks, equal respect to jobs, without jobs no good teàm

[ ] Self-employment is a trap & business for scalable

[ ] 4 reasons business owners give to give doing themselves

[ ] I do not have money to hire people

[ ] Rajiv,I am perfect in everything

[ ] What is the reason for hiring, they run away

[ ] You need solutions

[ ] Mindset change

[ ] If the solo person then money should be there

[ ] Marketing & selling can be done daily

[ ] Higher one person in each section minimum

[ ] I am perfectionism, it is a weakness & you start controlling everything & you want to become holding control of each task

[ ] Become a scalable business

[ ] Myth my customer wants to talk with me but primary CA, GM not sitting daily.

[ ] It is possible to do business by team & only we fulfill our business

[ ] Every problem has solutions

[ ] Systematic approach is a must

[ ] Training & system needs to be strengthened

[ ] 3 focus areas for scalable business

[ ] Focus on building committed team members

[ ] Some are committed & care for the company but have no confidence & skills then you start to involve

[ ] Some have good team members but do not follow systems

[ ] Key is to build a team committed & skillful. We have to build a dedicated team.

[ ] Innovative & profitable businesses model & job of business model

Rajiv is a wonderful coach and I learned a lot of good things from him in this webinar.

We need to put or systematic approach to running a great business identity. We can do what we think. Your basic theme should be to help all in business so that it is a win-win strategy.

Create some strategy

You need not be a math expert as you will learn when start getting money in your accounts. Research show women are better investors.

Some points for consideration

Anyone can be his/her best version as per Positive Rich Mindset
Hi Guys, you are searching for a person who can transform your life. But just stand in front of the mirror & recognize yourself as you can do wonders.


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Life is what you make it.



As attitude is everything. With a positive mentality, we can do anything & can be Unstoppable.

*I have read 57 books in the last 3 years. It helped me in my love for a never-give-up strategy. *

The main purpose of life is to give something to all for making one’s life better with your efforts.

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