We have a wonderful life. We can live it once lively. We need to keep it very simple. To understand better we will see 7 areas of a Holistic life

He has told 7 holistic areas of life. Life is fun if we go by a systematic approach.

Health: Health is wealth we all know
Every part of life is important if we see all these 7 points. We are in a community of lifelong learners. We are a motivational force for all. We need to change our role models. We lose the game before it starts.
True success is tangible success. We have to live our happy life with success. We have to utilize our time daily. One hour of time well spent with their wife is good. We are wasting time on TV, and sleeping more time. We can read nonfictional books.
WHAT are health parameters? In health, one should have energy, flexibility
Relationship= Quality time with wife+kids
Financial= Good saving & career

Similarly, after achievement, we feel down. Because they are not satisfied. They practice becoming unhappy. They are in a trap. Even after achievement, we are low on mood. Why we should practice being unhappy.

We are responsible for all the above 7 areas for living lives of abundance. Do not overdose on anything. This is just like addiction. We need high achievement & inner achievement. We need to be great time managers.
5 Ingredients for creating & experience holistic goals

Clarity of end goals which we need to define
Mastering my time
Go with the flow & they will be drowned in inflow. We need to have a team of experts in health, work, nutritionist, and a good cook. We can not do everything ourself
We can not make plans for our systematic life. We have to send messages to the universe. First, sow then reap. 
Mastering Money- 1. Receiving money. The art of getting money is building skills by building skills. We have to upgrade our skills.

2. Experiencing spending money for joy, vacation, relationships, and contributions 3. saving money for the future.
Gaining knowledge. We have to get knowledge in our passionate field. We have to be hungry to learn.

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