12 Ways to Think Big in our Lively Life

A blogger, Life coach V k Chaudhry wants to tell all that we need to think big always. This is going to give us the best state of mind. We become what we think so think great always.

Mentally strong: Without being mentally strong we cannot win battles. We need to be stronger every time. We should not be uncomfortable in any situation. Our rich mindset can do anything for us at any moment. We all know that when your mind is weak situation is a problem. When your mind is balanced situation is a challenge. But when your mind is strong situation becomes an opportunity.

Massive action for Dreams|

We need to act on the big one. Then we can create greater leadership. We know that when your mind is weak situation is a problem. When your mind is balanced situation is a challenge. But when your mind is strong situation becomes an opportunity.

We need to start with our strong brain cells. Immaturity always wants to win an argument even at the cost of a relationship. But maturity understands that it is always better to lose an argument and win a relationship.

Mind is the greatest power in good or bad solutions. Faith is the real success belief of humanity. We need to have self-belief and self-confidence in top grades.

1. Teamwork: 

Teamwork can create wonders in life. You may be involved in sports, relationships, and love for mankind at work or in business. We have seen several examples in our life of how teamwork improves everything in your life. Always become a good team member who can give his hundred percent in any activity.

We all know that teamwork makes the dream work. We need to select our best teammates. During my 41 years in the textile industry. I always tried to get the best person focused persons, hard-working, with a more and more positive attitude and integrity. People with positive mindsets can create wonders in this life.

Once Steve Jobs told individual person cannot do much but as a team, we can do wonders.


2. Wining mindset: 

A rich mindset is a key to a successful life. He is the creative head of your team of intellectuals. He makes team from Zero to Hero with his efforts. You have a winning edge when every time you create something interesting for people. Just see any company for their wonderful way of marketing & up-gradation in products.

3. Better solution:

When we think big then we become accordingly. If you have not seen gold bricks then how you can think of getting them? You may not have money now but can search on google. Your conscious & subconscious minds can take lead to get it for you.

4. Powerful people are always energetic:

We have seen in our daily life how powerful people are always energetic. These persons work in such a way that they are always fully charged to go for a win. Winning becomes their renowned habit. They are fearless in accomplishing any task they have.

5. Adversity is an opportunity:

We need to make any adversity a new opportunity. Sometimes our mindset gives great signals for courage & decision-making. This is the quality of great personalities.

How do you get your next level of Personality & Beyond with a Positive attitude

6. God helps those who help themselves :

God is great & we get always top help as back-end support. We need to see it & feel it from the inside. We get self-belief with the support of the Almighty. We have firm steps towards success. We become more & more hungry for success. We become more accomplished. We need to open our minds to more possibilities. We need to believe in our inner thought processes.

7. Allocate time to thinking:

We need to have daily self-talk time. We will be able to visualize our end results. We can push hard for greater success.5-to 10 minutes is more than sufficient for thinking about our path to success. We can not be satisfied with the average life performer. Self-thinkers do not talk much but rather focus on self-competition. They compare their own performance.

8. Choose specific goals

We need to make SMART goals so that we can excel in our life goals. We have to write 5-6 main goals. These should be written 2 times a day. One in the morning & one before going to bed. You will see the results in a few months.

Our subconscious mind will take charge of our life by writing twice. We will be having clarity in our pursuit of excellence. We can handle it if we are willing. We can become relentless & unstoppable in our life.


9. Identify the first steps:

We are able to identify for first steps to success in life. We need to be professional in our approach. We will be marching towards our desired goals with a systematic approach. We need to collaborate with great mentors to get the best way to success. Great mentors work hard to tell their team something new every day.

10. Get Comfortable with Discomfort:

We need to be the best. We have to become relentless. We have to love ourselves. We need to take the faster lane with confidence. We need to be accustomed to getting comfortable with discomfort to get desired results. Just see how top athletes work hard for several years for their best performance.

The best mentors in the trade can give you the best moments. Rest we can have our rich mindset. We have to work ourselves not a mentor will do. If we want success then we have to play the last game in our life like the enthusiasm we started our 1st game. No coach or expert can do anything unless we take up the lead ourselves.


10. Set the Right Kind of Goals. 

We need to set our correct goals. These should not be changing every day. We need to set our limits. Our niche is to be decided by our inner gut. We need to have complete focus with our 100% dedication. We become what we think. We need to be better with each progressing day. We will be more powerful & focused on success. We have to control our success & hunger.

11. Find Supportive Colleagues. 

Supporting team members will make a more positive thought process. We need to discuss every day with mentors & friends working neck to neck with us. There are no special tricks. We have to ask ourselves where we are today & where we want to reach. See the gap & cover the gap with full grit & energetic way. Our mental, physical & emotional fitness is a must.

12. Become the Person Others Want to Help

We need to be a person which are desired by all near & dear ones. All want us to be superhuman & who will help us to the creativity of the almighty. We should have unconditional love for all. I have tried to support the person with all my family members & friends. I was considered the best-behaved person in my organization always.

I could feel the advantage of my behavior. Everyone gave me a shoulder to shoulder support on every matter. I was always in my best positive attitude. It was always motivational to all. I could furnish great results with my attitude. Life is great to work as an actor, director, producer, scriptwriter & destiny maker. You are in charge of everything.


Do not hesitate to hard work: if you do not try you not get successful. So try hard always or get out of work.

Positive attitude: These people are expendable. A positive attitude will make a great deal in every moment of your life.


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